Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet and Salty? Is that all?

Most people will probably only know Traditional Tau Sar Piah 豆沙饼, which comes in 2 flavours, namely:
1. Salty 咸
2. Sweet 甜

Do you know that here @ 611 Tau Sar Piah and Pastries, we have many other flavours?

Let me introduce the flavours to you ....

1. Salty 咸豆沙 ( Best Seller! )

2. Sweet 甜豆沙 ( Also Best Seller! )

3. Green Tea Lotus 绿茶莲蓉饼

4. Coffee 咖啡豆沙

5. Pineapple tarts 黄梨挞

6. Golden Pillow pineapple tarts 金枕头黄梨挞

These are the other favours we have ( photos to be loaded soon):

7. Penang Salty Tau Sar 槟城咸豆沙

8. Durian Lotus 榴莲 莲蓉

9. Lotus 莲蓉

Till Next time, I will tell you more about each favour. Stay in tune! :)

*Pictures are taken with my handy Exilim Casio EX-600. Please pardon my photos if they are not well-taken as I am not a professional photographer :P


Anonymous said...

how much u are selling?


liveyrdream said...

Hi Wonda,

Thanks for dropping by our blog!

These tau sar piahs are selling at S$0.70 or S$0.80 depending on which flavours.

By the way, we have "migrated" our blog to another site.

Pls check it out here!

Hope to see you at our store at VivoCity #B2-K10 Singapore soon! :)