Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Tau Sar Piahs!

It has been some time since I last posted pictures of our other Tau Sar Piahs.... here's it for your reference..... a bit like "match and eat"........ in case you buy them back and get it all confused, you can always look here to see which flavour you are eating! :P

Introducing ....

7. Penang Salty Tau Sar 槟城咸豆沙

8. Durian Lotus 榴莲 莲蓉

9. Lotus 莲蓉

So that's all the 9 flavours we have at "611 Tau Sar Piah".... but do look out for our limited-seasonal flavours as our friendly bakers whip up something special!

Also, if you have any feedback/comments/enquires ... do leave a note under the comments section or email us at:

We would love to hear from you! :)

Have a GREAT day ahead of you !!!

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